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Why Choose Our Solution

Eco Façade has collaboration with “Kingspan”.  Kingspan Insulated Panels has an unbeatable track record for quality service, and innovation with more than 25 years experience.

Kingspan SF is a BBA approved advanced ‘zip-up’ standing seam system that creates a continuous weather tight that is structurally sound and has excellent resistance to wind uplift. The side laps are zipped up in conjunction with a unique halter system that is fixed directly to the supporting structure without penetrating the external weather sheet. This method of secret fixing creates a structurally sound proof that gives excellent resistance to wind uplift with outstanding aesthetic properties.

Aesthetic Properties:

  1. Can be smooth, crimped or concave curved; tapered or wave formed
  2. Smooth curves to 5 metre convex  and 12 metre concave radii
  3. Concealed fixings - no external sheet  penetrations
  4. Roll-formed to very long lengths - no end laps
  5. Complimented with smooth curved or crimp curved liners
  6. Fulfils the most challenging design criteria
  7. Can accommodate low pitches, barrel vaults, domes etc.

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