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Eco Façade has exclusive partnership with engineered marble manufacturer “Agglotech”.

Agglotech is the greatest producer of Marmocemento in Europe. Agglotech® is a recomposed stone obtained by mixing natural ingredients such as marble chips, Portland cement (Active Principle) and water. By combining customized materials, products with complete chromatic homogeneity, impressive production power and competitive prices, Agglotech® stands out as a strategic partner to carry out important projects.

The Marmocemento Agglotech® surface is impregnated with a special treatment which protects the material during the posing, assuring the normal transpiration of the product.

Agglotech materials can be produce with the new photoactive cements TX MILLENIUM of Italcementi which contains the TX Active® photocatalytic principle.

Photocatalytic is a natural phenomenon in which a substance known as a photocatalyst uses light to expedite the rate of a natural oxidation process. Using light energy, photocatalysts can induce the formation of strong oxidizing reagents which decompose some dangerous organic and inorganic substances (dioxide oxide of nitrogen, dioxide of sulphur, particulate organic suspended material, monoxide of carbon and ozone) in harmless substances like nitrate, carbonates and sulphates that are not dangerous for health and environment.

Once tested by, Agglotech coverings produced with the binder TX Millenium showed that the material demolish notably the atmospheric pollution turning into harmless substances over the 60% of the pollutants with which it gets in touch. The versatility of use of the manufactured Agglotech allows the planners to exploit the TX Active® on any internal or external surface.

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