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Why Choose Our Solution

  • Equitone is a through-coloured facade material designed by and for architects, produced since the 1950´s under the name "Eternit". Equitone is a fibre cement product consisting of cement, cellulose and mineral materials and is reinforced by a visible matrix.

    Every Equitone panel has unique characteristics in its texture, colour highlighting its raw, untreated texture and natural finish. The product can be cut to any sizes and shapes; not only that but the material can be routed, perforated or printed. With such an easy to use and flexible product, any design can be achieved, whether it be a rain screen or fully baffled system, its versatility is like no other FC material previously available to the market.

  • Equitone comes in five ranges:

    - Natura
    - Tectiva
    - Lines
    - Educational
    - Pictura
    - Materia


    - Can achieve an A+ rating as defined in the BRE Green Guide
    - Fire Safe (non combustible and no spread of flame)
    - Resistant to extreme weather conditions and temperatures
    - Integral through colour, no ongoing maintenance required


    - External and internal cladding
    - Commercial projects
    - Residential projects
    - Educational
    - Government
    - Health

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