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Otefal manages and controls a group of companies that can rely the experience of a firm operating in the field of painted aluminium for three generations. Otefal was the first group in the world to develop a continuous coating process to produce rolled aluminium sections pre-painted with powder paints. It subsequently extended its range by adding the liquid coating line and, most recently, an innovative combination line: liquid and powder.

The product is a perfectly flat, special aluminium alloy sheet coated with an even layer of long-lasting coating applied using the latest liquid (Dwall/DMAX) and powder (Mirawall) coating techniques warranting up to 30 years.

A very new range by Otefal:

DWALL IRIDIUM is distinguished by its innovative finishes with the iridescent look provided thanks to the use of the special pigments contained in the coatings; DWALL IRIDUM offers a solution with extraordinary aesthetic impact, remarkable resistance to atmospheric agents and changes in temperature.

Otefal- Dwall was specified as one of the complete envelope material for Kahramaa Awareness Park project, as permanently installed materials that are made from recycled content.

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