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Eco Façade has exclusive partnership with stone wool sandwich panel manufacturer “PAROC- Fire Proof Sandwich Panel”. Paroc panels are high-class steel-faced sandwich panels (PVDF Coated) with a core of stone wool. Their main application areas are facades, partitions and ceilings in commercial, industrial, office and public buildings.

Paroc fire proof panels are also approved by Qatar Civil Defense.

PAROC® panel structures meet all the demands of today’s demanding building standards. Non-combustibility and a fire resistance rating up to four hours guarantee a high level of fire safety in buildings with Qatar Civil Defense Approval. High panel strength and stiffness mean long spans and minimal deflection in construction. Finally, good thermal insulation without thermal bridges and reliable tightness ensure high energy efficiency.

Sandwich panel solutions include everything needed to complete a structure: panels, fixings, flashings, profiles, sealants, lifting equipment as well as first-class technical support. PAROC panel solutions meet all the demands of modern building: attractive design, excellent fire safety, long spans, short construction time, energy efficiency and cost effectiveness.

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