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  • Policam polycarbonate sheets were first produced in Turkey in1998 by IŞIK PLASTİK. Since then the brand has won a deserved reputation with its quality and 10 years warranty.

    Policam has built up an incomparable know-how and experience in production of extruded plastic sheets and a well-deserved reputation in sign, display, construction, greenhouse, lighting, white goods, safety, automotive, sanitary and furniture industries.

  • Policam solid pc sheet meets customer expectation in any specifications of color, light transmission and heat insulation requirements with best quality.


    - Very high impact resistance
    - Excelent thermoforming capabilities
    - Out standing weatherability
    - Easy fabrication


    - Building window
    - Light-transmitting roof cover and glazed curtain walls
    - Natural sunlight construction equipment in roofs and walls
    - Transparent indoor applications as partitions and rooms
    - Lighting and electric components, lighting fixtures.
    - Safety applications such as security force shields, safety glasses.

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